How to download Snaptube app on iPhone

You are here because you want to know more about how to download Snaptube app on iPhone, right? After all, this application has become really successful.

Because with it you can easily, quickly and easily download videos from the Internet from any platform by following a few simple steps.

However. Snaptube was originally developed for Android. The question soon arises: what about iPhone users, how are they doing?

So don’t worry because there is a way to have this app on your iPhone too and here we will tell you how to do it. Check out all the details below!

Step by step to have Snaptube on your iOS (iPhone).

How to Download Snaptube App in Iphone

Is Snaptube available for iOS?

As mentioned earlier, Snaptube was developed with a focus on creating an Android mobile application. Therefore, a few different steps need to be followed to access it on iOS.

Still, these are the simple steps that work and allow you to have this video download tool directly on your smartphone.

To make it easier, we have compiled here all the guidelines you need to complete this installation on your iPhone.

Download an Android emulator

The first step for you to use this application on your iPhone is to download an Android emulator. The emulator acts as a system that simulates the Android environment.

This means it becomes the ideal environment for Snaptube, which is designed to perform well on Android. With it you can download your videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Using this information, choose a good Android emulator to download on your device. The most common options include:



Android Studio;


After selecting the emula

Download Snaptube directly to Android emulator

The next step is to download Snaptube on your mobile phone as you now have an emulator that simulates the Android environment. Soon everything will become much easier and easier.

Then open the emulator to start downloading the app. Complete the following steps:

Access the download button on the home page of this website;

There you have to click on “Download Snaptube”;

Now just wait for the application to download on your iPhone.

Just install now

Finally, it’s time to install Snaptube on your smartphone since it has already been downloaded and now you just have to complete the final step.

Therefore, you need to search for “File Manager” in the emulator to find the downloaded file. Please note that it is in APK format. Once you find it, just click on it and the installation process will begin.

In short, you just have to follow the steps that appear on your screen according to each instruction and the application will be saved and installed. That’s easy!

How do I use Snaptube for iOS/iPhone?

After the above installation, do you want to download a Snaptube video on your iPhone? In this case, the process is as simple as installation. However, to help you, we have also listed the step-by-step steps you need to follow:

Open Android Emulator;

Here you have to go to Snaptube;

When opening the application you have the option to paste the link of the video you want to download. So just paste this URL.

Then just click “Download” and select the format you want to download

can be mp3 or mp4;

Done, downloaded.


Now that you know how to download the Snaptube app on your iPhone correctly, follow all the steps mentioned here to ensure that you can use this video download tool on your iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, this app is great and downloads videos from any website. It’s worth giving it a try and making the most of it!

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