How to Install Snaptube on Linux

Do you want to know how to install Snaptube on Linux? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together all the information you need.

Ultimately, Snaptube is a great app for users who want to easily and easily download videos from Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform.

However, it was of course designed to perform well with Android. For example, it is not compatible with Linux.

However, with a few very simple tricks it is possible to have this tool directly on your PC. Do you want to understand how? We break down all the information below. See!

How to Install Snaptube on Linux

How do I install Snaptube on Linux?

As mentioned earlier, Snaptube was developed as an application that works well with Android, the native operating system.

However, that doesn’t mean it only works on Android. It is also possible to get it running on Linux. However, for this, you need to follow a few steps.

To help you, here we break down all the steps that need to be followed step by step. see below!

Install an Android emulator on Linux

Since Snaptube is designed for Android, you need such an environment for it to work properly. Today it is possible with an Android emulator.

This emulator emulates the Android operating system and allows any application to run flawlessly on this system.

So look for a quality Android emulator and you will find a number of them on the internet. To help you, we highlight some pointers:

MEmu Player;

Android Studio;

BlueStacks, more information.

Nox Players;

Once you find the emulator that suits your needs, just click on it

Download Snaptube on the emulator

What is the next step? The next step is simple: you now need to download Snaptube using the emulator so that it is integrated into your native operating system.

All you have to do is follow each and every step listed below:

  • Open the Android emulator on your Linux operating system;
  • From there you need to open this website to download the APK;
  • Now click on the homepage where you will find the “Download” button on the page.
  • Wait for it to unload on Linux.
  • After that, just move on to the next step.

Install Snaptube on Linux

Now it’s time for you to actually learn how to install Snaptube on Linux and the entire process is quite simple. After all, you have already downloaded the APK.

Below are the steps to follow:

Access the Android Emulator;

Then go to “File Manager”;

Locate the file that was downloaded to your device.

Once you find it, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

If you follow each step, your application will finally be installed.

So, using it is very simple: you just need to open the Android emulator and Snaptube is on the main screen, ready for you to use.

How to download videos from Snaptube on Linux?

Downloading videos with this application is easy as the tool is very simple and intuitive, even for those of you who use it on Linux. Therefore, follow the steps below:

  • Select the video you want to download no matter where it is.
  • Copy the video link, whether from Facebook, Instagram or another website;
  • Open Snaptube on your Linux Android emulator;
  • Now just copy the link and paste it into the given field to download.
  • Finally, just click “Download” and download it. It’s easy and quick!


If you follow all the steps to install Snaptube on Linux, it will be very easy and simple to install this APK on your operating system. This makes it possible to download any video from the Internet quickly and extremely easily.

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